Etxepare Basque Institute takes part in E.M.A.’s mentoring session for international cultural creatives

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


The Etxepare Basque Institute took part in the international session of E.M.A, Excelent Mentoring for Artists, aimed at creative and cultural entrepreneurs. The event took place in Biarritz from 17 to 19 de January. Organised by Combustible, Le Lábo des Intrepides, the purpose is to illustrate the structure of the Basque cultural sector and showcase international best practices, analysing various cases and reflecting on the challenges of the future with a focus on possible collaborations.

Imanol Otaegi, director of Promotion and Dissemination of Basque Culture at the Etxepare Basque Institute, spoke about the Institute´s activity. He contextualised Basque culture, reporting on internationalisation initiatives and work, and providing an overview of the sector. He talked about the grants awarded for the translation of Basque literature, funding for mobility, the international ‘windows’ on Basque culture, the Euskara Munduan programme and the network of Etxepare university chairs and lectureships.

The attendees also discussed how to spread Basque culture through the Erasmus+ programme from different areas of influence, focusing on possible lines or areas of collaborative work – mainly through the European Erasmus+ project. The aim is to promote participation to create opportunities and an international network with support from entities active in the Basque creative and cultural sectors, such as the Etxepare Basque Institute, Atabal and the EKE Basque Cultural Institute.

François Maton, the art director, addressed the work done at Atabal, explaining the specifics of what they accomplish there. Among other things, he described their rehearsal room and mentoring programmes.

EKE director, Johañe Etchebest, presented his project to bring the work of Basque cultural agents to Europe. He stressed the need to promote the transmission of Basque culture, among other issues. Harkaitz Villar described the work and goals of Musika Bulegoa, offering the international participants a broad picture of the Basque professional music sector.

International participants

Among the organisations present in Biarritz was Elefant, the shared work space for creative professionals, located in Stavanger, Norway. Elefant has national and international networks, as well as expertise in management, artists and exhibitions. They also develop artists and artist shows, as well as art education and mentorship approaches for creators.

Vectorealism is a design and prototyping studio specialising in digital fabrication. They work with companies and designers, combining humanities, design and craftsmanship, and offering advice to project managers.

Finally, representatives from New York University’s Clive Davis Recorded Music Institute explained how they train students to work in the global music industry.

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