Faberllull: poetry translation residency

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Faberllull: poetry translation residency
  • 01
    Apr 2022
    Apr 2022

The Etxepare Basque Institute, Institut Ramon Llull and Consello da Cultura Galega have joined forces to put together a residency to promote poetry translation, to take place at Faberllull de Olot (Catalonia) from Friday 1 April until 8 April. The aim of the event is to provide a space for work, exchange, and inspiration. A total of ten translators will take part: three in Basque, three in Catalan and four in Galician.

The weeklong residence revolves around two areas: group work, which prioritises exchanges between residents. The second is individual work, where each resident will develop his/her own project. In addition, the translators will have the change to take part in a literary festival in the organisers’ home territories.

Following an open call for applications, the following translators have been selected: Jesús Castro Yáñez, María Alonso Seisdedos, Raquel Senra Fernández, Itxaro Borda, Leire Martinez de Marigorta Varela, Lluïsa Soaz González, Eduard Velasco, Pau Hernánez, Ainara Maya Urroz and Isaac Xubín.

The initiative was presented within the framework of the Gutun Zuria literary festival at Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao and served to explain the other areas in which the Etxepare Basque Institute promotes literary translation. The most outstanding of these projects are the ´Itzultzaile Berriak´ (‘New Translators’) programme, in collaboration with EIZIE; the Etxepare – LABORAL Kutxa Translation Prize; and grants for literary translation and the translation of literary sample texts.

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