Festival Dos Canais: Basque Window

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    Jul 2023
    Jul 2023

Festival Dos Canais, the performing arts festival in Aveiro, Portugal, running from July 12th to 16th, will feature a collaboration with the Etxepare Basque Institute. 
The festival is a multidisciplinary experience of art in public space held in the Portuguese city of Aveiro. Artists from different places connect with everyday life in the city to present their creations. The festival aims to provide new perspectives on the collective memory of the region and its identity and to promote contemporary artistic creation. 
In addition to live concerts, there will be multidisciplinary activities such as theatre and puppet shows, drumming shows, musical theatre and art workshops. Four Basque companies will offer performances: 

12 and 13 July - 6:00pm / 14 July – 5:00pm 

Igreja da Misericórdia, Aveiro  

Maitane Sarralde presents ‘Desanuda’. 

A contemporary dance piece that addresses the concepts of being bound and surrendering oneself to the naked void. In interaction with a floating structure and pendular elements, this interdisciplinary piece explores weightlessness and the human form in the intertwining of a knot and the instability it provokes. 

14 July - 5:30pm / 15 and 16 July – 4:00pm 

Lg. do Mercado  

Ganso & Cia present ‘Panoli Kabareta’. 

A gestural clown show for all ages, where the efforts of two characters become a circus parody. Magic, vaudeville, and acrobatics come together in a blend of episodic failures and successes (always mistimed). 

14 July –6:00pm / 15 and 16 July – 6:00pm 

Baixa de Santo António  

Eva Guerrero presents ’Gorpuztu’. 

Gorpuztu is a contemporary dance production with live music that speaks about the search for balance. It is a struggle to be calm, to silence the noise, to lighten the burden and guilt, to find a place where the animal sleeps peacefully. 

14 and 15 July – 11:30pm 

Praça da República  

Deabru Beltzak presents ‘Symfeuny’. 

A giant flurry of colours, smells, rhythms, light and fire, evoke the clash of percussion and fire, in a performance that interacts with the audience. 

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