Iberian and Latin American Week: Beatriz Chivite

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.

  • 28
    Oct 2021

Basque poet Beatriz Chivite will take part in an online event organised by the Basque Readership of the University of Liverpool as part of Iberian and Latin American Week 2021. The event is open to both students and the general public.

The writer will read some of her poems published in the book ´Hirietan´ (In the cities). She will also talk about her poetic practice, writing and publishing in a minority language, as well as the Basque diaspora and the state of contemporary Basque poetry. Her poetry reading in Basque will be translated into both English and Spanish.

To take part in this Zoom event, enter the following username and password: 962 5685 7772 y +SqH5T*s.

Chivite’s books are: ‘Pekineko kea’ (Pamiela, 2017); ‘Metro’ (Arabako Foru Aldundia, 2014, translated into English as ‘The Blue Line’); ‘Biennale’ (Erein, 2017); ‘Mugi/atu’ (Pamiela, 2019) and ‘Hirietan / En las Ciudades / Nas Cidades’ (Papeles Mínimos, 2020). Chivite has received numerous awards in Spain and the Basque Country and her poetry has been translated into Spanish, English, Galician, Slovenian, Frisian, Gaelic and Italian.

The Iberian and Latin American Week is organised by the Department of Languages, Cultures and Film at the University of Liverpool.

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