Idoia, Afrika Bibang and Dupla in the next Artistas en Ruta circuit

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‘Artistas en Ruta’ (Artists on the Road) organised by AIE, management entity for music performers, has announced the Basque groups to perform concerts in venues throughout Spain in the first half of 2022: Idoia, Afrika Bibang and Dupla.

The project aims to bring new talent to the public. Many of the singer-songwriters and bands known today have taken part in Artistas en Ruta, including Olatz Salvador, Zetak, Liher, Xabi Aburruzaga, Anita Parker, Ekiza, La Furia, Nøgen and Kepa Junkera.

The project is supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute.


Idoia Asurmendi Garcia began studying music education at Musikene, the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country, and now lives in Donostia. She has always been surrounded by song and from an early age began experimenting with instruments at home. In secondary school she met the poet Maria Oses, inspiring her first compositions. In 2020 she decided to form a band and record her first album, "Ilun eta abar", set for release on 23 April 2021.

Last summer it became clear that Idoia´s story is one of the most peculiar on the Basque scene music. Through word of mouth and without having released a single song, she managed to put on a series of eye-catching concerts, hanging a "Sold Out" sign in iconic venues like Jazzaldia, Chillida Leku Museum, Donostia Festibala…

Afrika Bibang

Since Afrika Bibang’s parents are from Equatorial Guinea she has been listening to black music since she was a child: African music, soul, reggae, jazz...

The singer from Bizkaia began her musical career in 1993. Since then, her instrument has always been her voice, working as backing vocalist until 2004. She started with the reggae group Que No Falte and then spent several years with the band Etsaiak. Fermin Muguruza also wanted her by his side. Since the album Brigadistak Sound System onwards, the two worked together closely. It was precisely Muguruza who encouraged her to release the solo album ´África´ in 2004.

After spending several years abroad, in 2019 she returned to the Basque Country and released the record ´Nomada´.


DUPLA is an urban music band created in a rural environment. With explicit content in their lyrics, they mix pop with electronics and hip-hop aesthetics. They presented their first conceptual work at Durangoko Azoka, the Durango book and record fair, the under the name ‘Folklore’.

Without neglecting its innovative philosophy, the duo from Alava discarded the idea of CDs and USBs, focusing on designing musical candies, Duplatxusak.

Using a QR code located at the top of the Chupa Chups wrapper, listener have direct access to the website where they can enjoy visuals, listen to streaming, and download tracks.

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