Iratxe Ansa to take ‘Al desnudo’ to the Venice Biennale

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


San Sebastian choreographer and dancer Iratxe Ansa will be the only artist from Spain at the 15th Biennale di Venezia, held this year from 23 July and 1 August. With support from the Etxepare Basque Institute, the company Metamorphosis Dance, directed by Ansa together with choreographer and dancer Igor Bacovich, will present their show ´Al Desnudo´ in a one-time performance at the prestigious Italian event, on Monday 26 July.

‘Al Desnudo’, a 55-minute duet debuted at the Madrid Dance Festival in 2019, is a performance in black and white that crystallises Ansa and Bacovich´s extremely demanding virtuosic work. With speed, precision and agility, the piece takes the two performers through the carefully designed stage space, in which the lighting and rhythmic music of Johan Wieslander and Philip Glass create an evocative atmosphere.

The contenders for the 2021 Max Awards for Performing Arts have recently been unveiled, and Iratxe Ansa, who for more than twenty years has worked in some of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies, was selected in two categories with ´Al Desnudo´: best female dance performer and best choreography, together with her partner Igor Bacovich. Last year, she was honoured with the National Dance Award 2020 in the performance category.

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