Jabier Muguruza to present his latest album in Catalonia

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Basque musician Jabier Muguruza will present his latest album, “Leiho bat zabalik”, in Catalonia on February 2nd. The event will take place at Barnasants festival. Muguruza will be joined by guitarist Ander Mujika.


Basque musician Jabier Muguruza will present his latest album, “Leiho bat zabalik”, in Catalonia on February 2nd. The event will take place at Barnasants festival. Muguruza will be joined by guitarist Ander Mujika.

The concert will be special for the Basque songwriter. Two years ago he was presented with an award at the same festival. In addition, this concert will celebrate the launch of his latest work in Catalonia.

The new album by Jabier Muguruza, marking his fifteenth as singer-songwriter, brings changes in instrumentation. Setting aside the acoustic sounds that have been with him for so many years, he is accompanied by Ander Mujika’s electric guitars and the electronic ambiance of "Carasueño", creating a new soundscape. He is also joined by the voice of Mireia Otzerinjauregi, and as guest artist, singer Miren Iza (from the band Tulsa).

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