Kimuak wins the Zinemira Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


The programme of Basque short films promoted by the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Basque Film Archive has won the Zinemira Award, an accolade given by each year at the Basque film gala by the San Sebastian Festival and the EPE/AVE and IBAIA producers associations. This award is a recognition of the career of an outstanding personality from the world of Basque film.

Txema Muñoz and Esther Cabero from the Basque Film Archive accepted the award on September 21st at the Basque Film Gala held at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre. “We sincerely thank all the directors, producers, actors, technicians, scriptwriters, photographers, musicians and professionals,” they said. “Our work makes sense because you are there. This is a reward for all of you.”

The Kimuak initiative was launched in 1998, at a time when Basque short films were flourishing. The idea was to support not only the creation and direction of short films, but also to guarantee their distribution, with the aim of publicising Basque audiovisual productions in Spain and on the international market. That was 23 years ago, and the aim of the association is still very much the same.

So far, this prize has been awarded to Imanol Uribe (2009), Álex Angulo (2010), Elías Querejeta (2011), Michel Gaztambide (2012), Juanba Berasategi (2013), Pedro Olea (2014), Karmele Soler (2015), Ramón Barea (2016), Julia Juaniz (2017), Ramón Agirre (2018), ´Txepe´ Lara (2019) and Sara Bilbatua (2020), among others.

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