Submission now open for the Etxepare - LABORAL Kutxa Translation Prize

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The annual call for entries for the best translation of a book written in Basque is now underway. The aim of the Etxepare - LABORAL Kutxa Translation Prize is to encourage and promote the translation and publication of literature in the Basque language beyond our borders. The call for entries from the two organising institutions, the Etxepare Basque Institute and LABORAL Kutxa, is open from June 5-30.

The prize, valued at 4,000 euros, is shared equally between the translator and the publishing house. The aim is to encourage the translation of Basque literature and promote its publication outside of the Basque Country.

The Etxepare – LABORAL Kutxa Translation Prize was created in 2015 to recognise the translation of literary works written and published in Basque. Translation is the bridge that enables Basque writers and their work to reach an international audience. These awards shine a light on the often-overlooked work of the translator.

The contest is open to translators and publishers from around the world, provided they meet the following requirements: the translation must have been published in 2022 (for this edition) and is the translation of a literary work originally written and published in Basque.

The winner in 2022 was Mariolein Sabarte Belacortu for her translation into Dutch of Katixa Agirre´s novel ‘Moeders zullen nooit’’ (‘Mothers Don’t)’, first published in Basque in 2018 by Elkar.

This award complements the Etxepare Basque Institute´s existing efforts in promoting and spreading Basque culture. In the field of literature, the Institute offers grants for translating works and literary samples into various languages, provides travel stipends for Basque writers, and actively promotes the involvement of Basque writers in international book fairs and literary festivals. With this award, LABORAL Kutxa reaffirms its ongoing support and commitment to the Basque language and culture.

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