The band European Jazz Unit 2016 enjoyed a great success at ´The Brussels jazz Marathon´

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The Brussels Jazz Marathon, the big meeting of jazz music in Europe, has been held on May 20-22 in Brussels, with 450 successful concerts, and gathering more than 250 artists. One of them has been the Basque drummer Borja Barrueta, who has joined the festival with the support of Etxepare Basque Institute, as a member of the band European Jazz Unit 2016. This is actually a project promoted by the Institute as a member of the EUNIC, European Network of Institutes of Culture.

European Jazz Unitis formed not only of Barrueta playing the drums, but also of other international musicians: Robert Landdermann on the bass, Frederik Leroux on the guitar, Piotr Damasiewicz on the trumpet, Elias Stemeseder on the piano, and Kristóf Bacso and Maria Faust on the saxophone and clarinet.

EUNIC Brussels repeated the success of the temporary band "European Jazz Unit", attracting much media attention. The musical marathon turns more than 20 years, and the musicians are scheduled to perform on four main outside stages as Grand Place, Sablon, Sainte-Catherine and Fernand Coq.

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