The registration period is now open for Euskaraldia

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The new edition of Euskaraldia is just around the corner, held this year from 18 November to 2 December 2022. Participants can sign up for the roll of ‘ahobizi’ (speaker) or ‘belarriprest’ (listener), and once again, people can participate either individually (‘ahobizi’ or ‘belarriprest’), or in groups through ‘arigunes’ (places to speak).

Euskaraldia is aimed at changing linguistic habits among people the Basque-speaking public and encouraging its use in society. The two-week-long exercise embraces all areas of society.

The ‘arigune’ are places where Basque is spoken in a relaxed fashion and where people can practice the language. Each person decides to be ‘ahobizi’ or ‘belarriprest’. The ‘ahobizi’ is the person who undertakes to speak Basque at all times, while the’ belarriprest’ will always ask others to be spoken to in Basque, even if he or she does not speak it.

Yet another year, the Etxepare Basque Institute will play an active role in promoting Euskaraldia 2022 both in the Basque Country and abroad. Therefore, even if you live outside the Basque Country, you can register here.

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