Veranos de la villa: ´Xarma´

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Veranos de la villa: ´Xarma´
  • 24
    Jul 2022

The Veranos de la Villa summer festival programme will once again bring a host of cultural and leisure activities to Madrid. And with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute, some of them will have a Basque accent.

One of them is ‘Xarma’, the multidisciplinary show by Oreka TX and Txalapart, set to premiere in Madrid.

The festival’s only large-scale production for all audiences will be on show at Madrid’s Patio Central de Conde Duque. Xarma aims to “bring out the child inside us all and bring back the sense of magic we lose as we grow older”.

Giant puppets and toys create an extraordinary magical world, joined by the company´s usual travelling companions: dancers from Kukai Dantza. Circus is yet another element that adds to the dreamlike atmosphere of ´Xarma´, featuring aerial circus and double trapeze acts by Berdinki, and juggling and acrobatic acts of Xabier Larrea and Gorka Pereira.

The voice of Maika Etxekopar will take us to this magical dimension where anything can happen. The characters inhabit a fantastic universe, playing off each other and inviting us to believe in magic.

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