Verde Prato, Amak, Lukiek, Ezpalak and Bulego at the next ‘Artistas en Ruta’

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The Artistas en Ruta circuit (Artists on the Road), organised by AIE (Spanish agency for the management of intellectual property rights for musicians ), has announced the Basque bands in concert Spain-wide in the second half of 2022: Verde PratoAmakLukiekEzpalak and Bulego. 

The aim of this project is to introduce audiences to new talent. Many of the singer-songwriters and bands that have made a name for themselves today were once part of Artistas en Ruta, including Dupla, Idoia, Olatz Salvador, Zetak, Liher, Xabi Aburruzaga, Anita Parker, Ekiza, La Furia, Nøgen and Kepa Junkera.

Artistas en Ruta is supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute.

Verde Prato

Ana Arsuaga was born in 1994 in Tolosa, where she lived until moving to Bilbao to study Fine Arts. There she did a master’s degree in painting and stayed in Bilbao painting and playing music. Arsuaga is a member of the band Serpiente, and Verde Prato is her solo project. In 2021 she released ‘Kondaira eder hura’. She produces folk and experimental music’.


Alaitz Telletxea, Maixa Lizarribar, Amaia Oreja and Kris Solano are Amak. The band got its name by joining the first letter from each of their names. They’re also all mothers (‘amak’ means mother in Euskara). Nearly every public square in the Basque Country has played stage to their music. All the members have long backgrounds in music, but the group came together by chance at the Oñati Trikitixa Festival in 2018. They’ve now released their first album, ´Amak´.


The members of Lukiek are Josu Billelabeitia (vocals and guitar), Antton Goikoetxea (bass), and Christian Rodriguez (drums). They play alternative rock with lyrics in Basque. The group was formed in late February 2015 and upped their output in 2017. In 2019 they went a step further in terms of content creation, releasing their first album, Lukiek #1. In 2021 they released Lukiek #2.


Ezpalak was conceived in 2019 by members of several other bands such as Voltaia, Los Moths and Grises. The band consists of Juanjo Berasain (vocals), Eñaut Gaztañaga (guitar), Unai Eizagirre (bass) and Janardana Iglesias (drums). The latter recently joined the band after the previous drummer Xabi Arrieta left the group. Ezpalak play alternative rock.


The pop group on the Basque music scene was founded in January 2019 as a multidisciplinary project. The members of Bulego are Tomas Lizarazu (vocals and guitar), Xabi Arrieta (drums), Jontxu Ape (bass), Ruben Lizarralde (guitar) and Itzi Beitia (keyboard).

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