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In a year in which so many of our activities and projects have been suspended or delayed, we’ve used our time to redouble our efforts to finish several internal management and communication projects. An example of this is the Etxepare Basque Institute’s new website.

Based on the bright colors and fresh design for our new corporate identity, we’ve launched a new online portal adapted to today’s needs. The website serves as the hub of information for all of the Institute’s activities and projects aimed at disseminating Basque culture abroad.

The website is divided into six sections: structure and functions of the Institute ("Etxepare Basque Institute" and "What we do"); annual grants and job offers in the areas of Mobility, Literary Translations, Basque Studies and the Euskara Munduan program ("Calls for proposals"); general news about Basque culture and the Institute´s calendar of activities ("News & Events"); opportunities and resources for learning, teaching and researching the Basque language ("Basque Language"); as well as historical and practical information about each Basque artistic discipline ("Basque Culture").

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