Julio Jiménez and Owen Wilson win the Etxepare Korrika 23 video contest

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


The 23rd Korrika ’fun run’ in support of the Basque language will make its way through the Basque Country from Amurrio to San Sebastián from 31 March to 10 April. Other cities around the world will also come together to rally around the cause. Among them are members of the Etxepare university network and the euskal etxeak (Basque centres), some of whom have taken part in the Korrika Munduan video competition. Julio Jiménez from the Gure Txoko Basque Centre in Valladolid and Owen Wilson from The University of Edinburgh are the two winners.

In collaboration with AEK, the Etxepare Basque Institute has promoted Korrikas at universities in the Etxepare lectureship network and at euskal etxeak (Basque centres) around the world. We have received messages in support of the Basque language from various location encouraging participation in the Korrika Munduan (Korrika in the world) video contest. The videos are available on the AEK YouTube channel and have been receiving votes in the form of ´likes´ over the past few weeks.

This year there were 12 participants from universities and euskal etxeak from Europe, Oceania and America. The two videos with the most ´likes´ (one in each category) will each receive an online barnetegi for two people organised by AEK.

The most voted video from the university network was Owen Wilson from The University of Edinburgh (40 ´likes’). The most voted from the euskal etxeak network was Julio Jiménez from Gure Txoko Centro Vasco Valladolid (II) (223 ‘likes’). The deadline for voting was 1 March (16:00, GMT +1)

All of the videos are available on the AEK Youtube channel. The list of other participants is as follows:

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