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Zinemaldia.cat 2020
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    Feb 2020
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The Basque film festival Zinemaldia.Cat, loyal to its date with Barcelona, returns to celebrate its 15th edition. The programme will start on February 21 with 11 feature films (7 of them are in the Official Selection) and some medium-length films that will be distributed this time in three different locations: the Euskal Etxea (Basque Centre), the Official Language School and the CInemes Girona cinema.

The festival will start on February 21 at Cinemes Girona with the documentary Zauria(k), a project that talks about wounds, madness and mental illness from a feminist perspective. On February 22 the programme will move to the Euskal Etxea, with an afternoon of medium-length films featuring Anti, Erroitz, Sans Nom Sarea, and Erraia. The day will end with the screening of the black comedy Napardeath.

February 23 will also include a varied programme at Cinemes Girona: the animated film Lur eta Amets will be on screen in the morning; and in the afternoon, the documentary Urpean Lurra by Maddi Barber and the feature film Soinujolearen semea by Fernando Bernués, with both directors present at the event. In addition, on the 26th, the Official Language School will host the documentary Euskaltzaindia: egunak eta lanak by Fermin Etxegoien, which will be followed by a colloquium about the unification of the Basque language.

Punk music will be protagonist on February 27 at the Euskal Etxea. The event will start with a cinema forum under the title “Punk is dead”, followed by the films Generación anti todo and Los demenciales chicos acelerados. Euskadi y tal. Both directors, Iñigo Cobo and Kikol Grau, will be presenting their films.

In addition, on February 28 Cinemes Girona will screen the documentary Hiru Uhinak, with the presence of the film’s director, Loïc Legrand. February 29 will be the next-to-last day, with the screening of documentary Ez, eskerrik asko! Gladysen leihoa, also presented by the director. Agur Etxebeste! will close the festival on March 1 at Cinemes Girona.

The films selected to compete in the festival’s Official Selection are Zauria(k); Lur eta Amets; Urpean Lurra; Soinujolearen semea; Hiru Uhinak; Ez, eskerrik asko!; and Agur Etxebeste!. Click on this link for complete programme details.

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