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2015-05-01 / 2015-05-31 - The Basque group Damba, in Latin America

The Basque groupDamba has started a new project in Latin America: they will record a new disk together will Cuban artists and they will go on tour.

During the tour, they will have the chance to take part in an important festival, thanks to EGREM and the National Music Institute of Cuba: CUBADISCO 2015.


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2015-05-06 / 2015-06-05 - Koldo Mitxelena Chair at the University of Chicago: Basque cinema, a cultural and political history

2015-2016 academic program of the Koldo Mitxelena Chair at the University of Chicago

The goal of the chair is to extend the Basque Studies in North America, and this year will focus on the History of Basque Cinema, with professors   Pilar Rodríguez (University of Deusto) and Rob Stone (University of Birmingham).

Basque cinema is and always has been a vital medium for the examination and perpetuation of Basque identity from numerous perspectives emanating from a specific geographical point and resulting in diverse trajectories. It has proven itself a durable vehicle for the historical, political, social and artistic interests of the Basque people and has duly imagined past, present and future variations on local, national and international concerns that all contribute to this frustrating, yet at the same time liberating ambiguity about the Basque Country. The course will explore the major works and themes in Basque cinema, from its origins to present day productions, with a special attention paid to four aspects: the creation of the Basque nation on screen, filmic representations of terrorism, the cinema of the second wave of filmmakers, and contemporary films which range from the Kimuak initiative for short films to local and diasporic works.

This chair, founded by the Etxepare Basque Institute in 2012, is part of the Division of Humanities at the University of Chicago and hosts every year a renowned Basque professor who imparts seminars and lectures about Basque humanistic studies.  Etxepare has created five chairs in international universities worldwide.


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2015-05-07 / 2015-07-08 - Euskal Barrokensemble World Tour

Euskal Barrokensemble continues performing ancient, classical and popular music all over the world. The group founded and directed by Enrike Solinis is already a regular participant at the most relevant international festivals.

These are their next performances for Spring and Summer:


7 & 8 Hamburg, Enrike Solinís & NDR


8 Boston, Hesperion XXI

25 Granada, Accademia Del Piacere

28 Potsdam, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble


18 Fontfroide, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble

28 Salzburg, Hesperion XXI


18 Rioja , Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble

21 Femap, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble

22 Femap, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble


6 Poznan, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble

8 Vitoria-Gazteiz, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble


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2015-05-09 / 2015-11-22 - Three works by Eduardo Chillida, at the exhibition Proportio, in Venice

The exhibition Proportio, to be open in the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice until late November and that coincides with the 56th Biennial of Art of the Italian city, shows two gravitationals and a sculpture by Basque artist Eduardo Chillida.

The Eduardo Chillida-Pilar Belzunce Foundation has informed that this exhibition, curated by Axel Veredoordt and Daniela Ferretti, explores "the omnipresence of universal proportions in art, science, music and architecture" and reflects on "the relationship between order and chaos".

Chillida is represented in the exhibition with the work ´Eulogy of light XX´, a sculpture in alabaster, and two of his papers called ´gravitationals´. Along with the works of Chillida, works by some other artists are shown: Marina Abramovic, Anish Kapoor, Massimo Bartolini, Rei Naito, Michael Borremans, Izhar Patkin, Maurizio Donzelli, Otto Boll, Francesco Candeloro or Riccardo De Marchi,

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2015-06-06 / 2015-06-06 - "Whispered poetry" at the readership of La Plata

A session of "Whispered poetry" will be held at the readership of Basque language and Culture of the Etxepare Basque Institute, with Irati Astobieta and Garazi Basterretxea as whisperers; on May 6 at the Faculty of Economics, UNLP at 15:30 pm, in the classroom B.

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2015-07-08 / 2015-07-10 - "Excellence in Basque Studies V" at the Summer Courses

Organized by the Basque Institute Etxepare and the UPV-EHU, the fifth annual Excellence in Basque Studies course will be held this year in the Summer Courses of the UPV. This course provides training for current and future readers of universities around the world, and for this purpose, expert speakers in different areas of the Basque language and culture have been invited. This edition will honor the writer Mariasun Landa.

Those who want to sign up can now do so using this link. The course will be held from 8 to 10 July in the headquarters of the Summer Courses: Miramar Palace in Donostia.

Youth and children´s literature, gender studies, reading habits in the digital era and the challenges of a multilingual society for the writer; several topics that have been tackled for years by Mariasun Landa will be discussed.

Here is the full program.

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