Frontière forum: Bitamine Faktoria

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Frontière forum: Bitamine Faktoria
  • 04
    Jun 2022

Helga Massetani will be taking part in ‘FRONTIER forum | Pratiques artistiques transfrontalières’ representing the cross-border cultural production and creation project Bitamine Faktoria. The roundtable, held in Montreal, Quebec, on 4 June, will focus on cross-border artistic practices. This forum is part of the Saison Québec-Pays Basque cultural exchange programme.

Helga Massetani will present the project ‘Atlas Emocional del Bidasoa’ in an event jointly promoted by the Canadian organisation DARE-DARE and Bitamine Faktoria. Sylvie Cotton from DARE-DARE will present the project and the publication ´Satellite´.

This meeting is the outcome of a collaborative effort between several organisations from Quebec and Euskadi. The conference will be part of the cultural exchange project Québec-Pays Basque 2020-2021.

The result of the Bitamine Faktoria project is a series of educational booklets combined with the work of Basque illustrator Elena Odriozola. Ten small notebooks tell stories of a geographical space, Irún, elegantly written by María José Noain Maura in a style that is easily accessible to all kinds of audiences.

Satellite´ is a publication initiated in 2011 by the artists´ centre DARE-DARE. The project brings together a programme of cross-border artistic practices. More than just a retrospective overview, and the presentation of works made in three very different urban contexts (Detroit, Tijuana, Mexico), the artists propose a series of recent observations.

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